Monday, 4 July 2011

What is ART - by Chloe (14yr. old Canadian)

Art is any expression of emotion
Be it a sport, music, writing, drama, drawing or other
If you use it to express anything
Be it feelings, facts or imagination
It is art.

                         This is a poem I wrote. So, what is art? It can be whatever you want. Many people think of art as just drawing or painting or music. They don't really see that art is all around them. They don't see that what they do every day is art. If you have something to express, get out, anger, facts, imagination, silliness, happiness, ANYTHING it is art. Art is not a talent we have, it's something we are born with. Many people have different levels of art in them. Many people don't see the point of art but they don't see true art. That doesn't nessisarily mean they have low levels of art in them, they just don't know how to use it. So what is art? Art can be anything you need it to be and more.


Monday, 2 May 2011


Sometimes an idea can linger for days, weeks even months without direction.  A knowing that in time this idea will come to pass yet stalled with an understanding that perhaps now is just not the time.  So you wait, for something intangible that will assist you to further explore the potential of your original thought and bring it to life in a way that allows it not just to break free from the shell of your mind, but to grow wings and take flight to heights beyond imagining.  Yet what are you waiting for... some call her the Muse – some call her inspiration – I have learned over time that in truth it is more about co-operation and collaboration that it will ever be about that one little brilliant gleaming gold nugget of an idea. 
The idea was simple – create a book that tells the truth about how our children and our youth view our world.  Offer them an opportunity to speak from their hearts and to share with us the knowledge that they have collectively gathered through their short time here after viewing the world through untainted eyes.  The idea was simple... how to pull it off – we had absolutely no clue...
Only when the time is right, and the people you need have come into your life will the final piece of the puzzle fall into place.
Such an encounter happened not so long ago and inspired the creation of our latest project.  The missing piece came in the form of a video and the result I pray will be nothing short of miraculous. 
I would like to introduce to you Blooking Younger – a collection of blogs and writings from youth from many countries and all walks of life.  A way for them to publish and publically share their thoughts, ideas hopes and dreams with the world.   In four months the collected writings will be gathered, 150 will be randomly selected and the incredible team at Grave Distractions will help the blooking younger family create yet another book to raise money for an inspiring organization that works with you youth.  We believe that when it is finished this project will help to enhance a worldwide understanding that our young people have much to offer us if only we would take the time to stop and listen.
Yet, as usual, I am ever aware that it cannot and was never meant to be done only by one.  Our small little family of big hearts is excited about your help in getting this idea, this exploration of thought and feeling out into the public.  So please, after you have made friends with our new project, pass it on.  Help us spread the word – tell your children – encourage them to speak out and if you are the children, drop us a line – share with us your vision, then invite your friends to share theirs.
In advance the Blooking Younger family would like to thank you for the time you are taking to help us bring this idea to life.
Jean Victoria Norloch